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A sorta fairytale with you

28 September
Hello, it’s so nice for you to join me, let me introduce myself. I’m Anna, 26 years old and I’m from London, currently engaged to my boyfriend of 8 years and I also have two dogs called Dusty & Kate, at weekend I work for my local Waitrose store.
I would describe myself like a magnum ice cream, at first it really hard to bit into then once you get into the soft layer you opened all kind of yummish, this translate as I’m very shy at first glance then once you gotten through the first layer I’m very talkative and friendly. My interest in general life is fashion and lifestyle; I’m never to far away from fashion! I’m always wondering in and out of fashion shops, I spend most evening surfing all the designers fashion websites. I enjoy wondering around London and finding new boutique and curling up in coffee house reading the latest vogue, I love trying out new make-up and cosmetic and I’m a huge Lush user! My favorite designers are Anna Sui, Laura Lees and Betsy Johnson, their styles really inspire me as they use bold bright colors blended together to create really beautiful clothes. My main ambition in life is to graduate as fashion journalism and then travel the world watching all the fashion show and eventually have my own publication and be my own boss!