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Aug. 8th, 2007

Well my states of mind anyway...

Judging by my last post entry, I was in a very bad mood. I was angry with work more than anything else. I was annoyed how someone has this attitudes with me all last week and I was generally was unhappy, Its all came to head one day and I just felt terrible when I came home. I thought the best way to express how I felt was by writing and I have to admit I did feel a lot better after worth.

I think I feeling like I’m stuck in a mud right now. I'm planning to go to college/uni next year and right now I’m feeling like I’m not progressing at work and wanting a year to go by so I can do my college/uni course.

Its a little light at the end of a tunnel for me which I’m hoping the light will get bigger as the month go on...

I'm also annoyed as I can't find a decent wordpress layout for here! If anyone know of a pretty wp layout/themes let me know! and yes! I have been all through Google thank you!!

That’s all for now. I know I don't write in here much but please stay tune. ♥
I’m bleeding, dying inside, screaming inside my soul! All I want to do is to be free, hate this life in which I’m force to lead. Hold down hostage by society, expecting what everyone expects me to be. Caught up in cooperation politic. Force to live to give men more power. Money is all this world care about. Wake up everyday being tied down by the bleeding pen in which I was forced to sign.
Can anyone hear me screaming? How I’m dying inside. My mind, body and soul being taken away from me. No one care.

I still doo love lj

i promise. i will blog soon. promise ♥


Yay i fixed misscutie.com so go on take a look :)

Suvey time

Because i have tons of surveys filling up my inbox on myspace (and no i'm not going to give you the address, i hasn't update in over a year!) i thought i do one today - because i'm bored.

random things.
your birthday and age?: 28th september, 23.
shoe size?: 1/2.
piercings and tattoos?: piercings, ears.
sexual orientation?: straight.
maiden name?: n/a.

have you ever or do you??
eating disorder?: no.
have kids?: no.
been stalked?: no.
slept with a married man or woman?: nope.
do you drink?: Yes, I love Barliey
smoke?: no.Yuck!
your best friend?: My boyfriend, Richard.
do you like surprises?: depends what kinda surprise.
do you have any gay friends?: no.
who do you fight with the most?: My boyfriend, Richard.

person you called? my mum.
person who called you?: my mum.
person you texted?: My cousin.
person who texted you, and what did it say?: Cousin, "Shut up!".
person you yelled at?: My mum.
person you hugged?: Richard.
person you kissed?: Richard.
person you wanted to punch?: Not saying.
movie you saw?: Spiderman 3.
concert you were at? Ricky Martin
last thing you ate?: Toast.

Meal?: Pasta or Roast dinner.
video game?: Final fantasy 12.
exercise?: Yoga or excersise bike.
football team?: None.
soda?: Fanta.
time of day?: night.
day of the week?: Wednesday and Sunday.

do you believe in...
ghosts?: Yes.
life on other planets?: Yeah.
love at first sight?: Yes.
that there is one person for everyone?: yes.
that a guy should pay all the time?: Hell yes!.
you have to set something free before you know if it was meant to be?: yeah.
In abortion?: yeah, pro choice.
in having a plan for everything?: nah.
in helping the poor?: yeah.

whats in your cd player right now?: Nightwish greatest hits.
crunchy or creamy peanut butter?: neither.
sunrise or sunset?: sunset.
where are you most ticklish?: Arm.
your longest relationship?: 5 years.
did it result in marriage?: not yet!.
if you're not married, do you want to be?: n/a.
describe your current mood: Yeah i'm chilled.
one place you are dying to visit?: asia.
what color are your underwear?: blue.
what are you doing this weekend: Tidying up, playing on the sims 2, do some cooking.
fave gum?: dunno it name.
fave pie?: n/a.
do you have any secrets? doesnt everyone?
do you watch mtv?: yeah.
do you think someone is thinking about you right now? I don't think so
are you thinking about anyone in particular right now?: Yeah, Richard.
toaster or microwave?: both.
your 1st kiss?: Ewww.
most annoying person?: not saying.
who can you tell anything to?: Richard
ever broke anyones heart?: No
kissed someone you didn't know?: yeah.
are you paranoid?: I'm very parnoid.
glad this is over with?: yeah?
need to tell me anything?: nope.
nothing at all is on your mind?: nah.

Sweet word of mine..

I'm seriously and utterly Bored!! Ok i had a week off work,i have played on computer games till the early hours of the morining, read every books on my bookself, baked half a dozen of cakes and shopped too much.

Now i'm Bored. Can't find a themes that i like on lj now. I want to get a paid account but it now $5 a month. I actually just been having fun read all my old entries on here - damn i use to be such a ljholic, i would write about the most random and stupid shit. I need to do more of that - write random shit lol.

While reading an old entries, i realized i forgot to enter http://www.nanowrimo.org/ last year. I enter 2005, didn't complete my story but i made a promise to myself i would finish - 2 years later i still hasn't. I promise i will complete my story this year.

misscutie.com is really pissing me off, well the ftp part. It doesn't seem to want to connect, Grrrrr i really want to start up misscutie again.

I need to rejoin bebedawl board, i do that today. I miss the olf folks ;)

Blah i'm still bored. I could watch the devil wear prada i suppose. *shrug*

So have you got any news of gossip?

If you are ever bored...


Than this is such a cool fun game!!!!

Does anyone still read this blog btw?

I'm too lazy for my own good.

At lot of peoples at work ask me
"so Anna, what do you do in your free time?",
I trend to shrugg and say
"not much, sleep, eat, drink and play too much computer games."
That isn't very active is it. Heh.

No it isn't, and i have to admit it does depress me a little. I know i do need a hobbie, a hobbie to enjoys after work. Playing on computer games all day isn't simulating, it doesn't get the brain ticking. Before working full-time i use to say 'writing' was a hobbie, an activity to get those clock in my brain ticking.

So hence, this is why i'm writing today, if i can write one post then i have over come this hurddle. I would want to write more and then find activity to keep me intrested.

I also giving up the idea of a 'blog magazine' for now as least (gotta take it one step as time.). So now i'm just going to have a normal blog, a Personal blog, where i write crap and write whatever crap come into my head.

Also i missed giving out my url address to peoples - kinda like a business card.

Right then. what been the bizz with me.

Out partying and drinking to much...

Naaa... not really, but having said that my store does have very often 'night-out', the Tuesday of last week there was a 'AGM' which has a presentation from some top manager of my company then free food and a disco afterworth. Needless to say i didn't drink to much. No i didn't! Honest. Don't listen to anyone at work.

I am addicited to final fantasy xll, i would play on it 4-5 hrs straight. I'm a real big geek!! the graphic i think is superb and the games itself is good fun - Buuut the story is a little lame and it a bit anoying level up your character.

I am planning on buying ps3 sometime soon.

Moving on....

I dyed my hair dark redish with ginger/blonde highlight. I would show pictures but having computer problems.

Computer problem, too many to say but i'm very lucky i'm able to type this out without it crashing.
My 5 usb port all refuse to work, restart for no reason, sometime won't let me go online....

When it not working and i'm bored with computer i now trend to read books. Re-reading Sweet valley high by francine pascal becuae i miss my old teen books.

I'm still with Richard by the way, he still somehow fix into this little rotuine. Did i mention we now have a flat together? No. well i just did.
Don't want to go into details.

That pretty much summed it all up folks. Anyway nice chatting to you and i hope this be the first of many new posts/ blog entries.


Oh crap.

Sorry i'm really losing touch with lj :(

Happy new year!!

My new years resolutions is to learn to drive this year - i will start planning all that as soon as i paid off a huge credit card bills!
It still all work work work and more shitty work. Feeling depress lately knowing i'm not going to get any more decent holiday off till easter :/ Fuck. That the down side of working. Money good though. I keep asking my boss when am i going to find out holiday date for this year(we can't always choose our holiday date which is a bitch), the dick keep walking away from me.
I had one of the chief pissing me off yesterday - bitch, I'm not going to repeat it but shut up bitch!

Sorry random rumble rant. Heh!

I ♥ Sunday. My day off, spent the whole day playing on the sims 2 (shut up it my day off alright).

Waiting for rich to come home :/

I'm too addicted to celeb big brother right now. I want shilpa to win - I think she nice and i'm not too keen on jermaine jackson any more.

Anyone who is still on my friends list got any juicy gossip? Or anyone please say hi to me so i know i'm not alone in the universe.

i'm going to update my vox and mypspce now.

Ciao :)