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My new blog site: lifeasadream

What a week! *phew* Thanks god it Saturday. You see my week ends on a Saturday night and start again on Monday, so yeah I get Sunday off. Fun Fun fun. But work has been busy and I feel like I kind of let you all down by me not posting daily *oops sorry*. I’m here now.

I promise myself I wouldn’t post my first proper blog entry about some rant at work or some girl annoying me but then I thought sod it so I will rant about it. Now I’m sitting here, I don’t want to, I’m having a change of heart, I don’t want a whole blog filled with work rant.

On to other business: I’m having a little bit of a dilemma. I can’t decide what to do about Sunday, I’m having 3 options:

1) Stay at home, be a total geek and flog my clothes on ebay to raise that extra bit of money.

2) Wake up early and go to the gym and having a morning swim, be really knacked after worth and ends having a meal at a pub.

3) Go up to central London and go to John Lewis department store and use some vouchers I have - which will go toward a new ipod I really want or wait till next month.

Part of me thinks I should go with 2) but my heart is kind of into going up to central London. But then again I also want to save my money because I know I won’t have enough to last me the month. Doing 1) is looking lovely but I know I just be really fed up and there no guaranteed anyone would want to buy my crap.

Another reason I’m having this dilemma is, some friends of mine are going on a 4 month ‘world wide’ holiday trip (lucky bitches), and there a leaving drinks and club after worth.
Now the drinks I can handle - but going to a club after worth, hmm that what I can’t decide.
I have a mild case of social anxiety, I’m really shy and I find really hard to talk to someone. I’m trying to fight it; I’m trying to be more confident. My worried is that if I agree to go to this club (which isn’t that far from home but it still a journey) I be left out in the cold, from what I heard loads of peoples are going but my worried is that they would all ignore me or go off with someone else. I feel like it a little outside my little bubble.
Plus I heard even getting in really expensive, I don’t even want to think about how much drinks would cost. And how would I get home, last time I went out to a club -taxi fare was stupidly expensive.
Do I really want to spend all that money and anxiety on one night? But then I don’t want to let my friends down. I can’t decide - I really can’t.

Plus the money I would use if I do decide to go out, I could use to enjoy a night meal or a DVDs with my boyfriend and buy a new ipod.

Advice peoples.

Anyway I hears keys turning into the locks so yay! My boyfriend home. Catch you guys later….

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