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Updating for the sake of updaing. I don't ever want to loose this. xx www.annanuttall.com
Wow i can't believe this is still around!! - my new blog is: http://www.annanuttall.com/


keeping my lj alive - my new blog site:http://thebeautifulstyle.com/

don't mind me

just here to say hello :) - please livejournla don't delete my account.

Dec. 7th, 2009

I have to update this once a year --- i still want this account - i still want my lj :)
Wow lj - old friend - long time no seen! How you doing? This is now an archive of all my old post. I still love reading this....


My new blog site: lifeasadream

What a week! *phew* Thanks god it Saturday. You see my week ends on a Saturday night and start again on Monday, so yeah I get Sunday off. Fun Fun fun. But work has been busy and I feel like I kind of let you all down by me not posting daily *oops sorry*. I’m here now.

I promise myself I wouldn’t post my first proper blog entry about some rant at work or some girl annoying me but then I thought sod it so I will rant about it. Now I’m sitting here, I don’t want to, I’m having a change of heart, I don’t want a whole blog filled with work rant.

On to other business: I’m having a little bit of a dilemma. I can’t decide what to do about Sunday, I’m having 3 options:

1) Stay at home, be a total geek and flog my clothes on ebay to raise that extra bit of money.

2) Wake up early and go to the gym and having a morning swim, be really knacked after worth and ends having a meal at a pub.

3) Go up to central London and go to John Lewis department store and use some vouchers I have - which will go toward a new ipod I really want or wait till next month.

Part of me thinks I should go with 2) but my heart is kind of into going up to central London. But then again I also want to save my money because I know I won’t have enough to last me the month. Doing 1) is looking lovely but I know I just be really fed up and there no guaranteed anyone would want to buy my crap.

Another reason I’m having this dilemma is, some friends of mine are going on a 4 month ‘world wide’ holiday trip (lucky bitches), and there a leaving drinks and club after worth.
Now the drinks I can handle - but going to a club after worth, hmm that what I can’t decide.
I have a mild case of social anxiety, I’m really shy and I find really hard to talk to someone. I’m trying to fight it; I’m trying to be more confident. My worried is that if I agree to go to this club (which isn’t that far from home but it still a journey) I be left out in the cold, from what I heard loads of peoples are going but my worried is that they would all ignore me or go off with someone else. I feel like it a little outside my little bubble.
Plus I heard even getting in really expensive, I don’t even want to think about how much drinks would cost. And how would I get home, last time I went out to a club -taxi fare was stupidly expensive.
Do I really want to spend all that money and anxiety on one night? But then I don’t want to let my friends down. I can’t decide - I really can’t.

Plus the money I would use if I do decide to go out, I could use to enjoy a night meal or a DVDs with my boyfriend and buy a new ipod.

Advice peoples.

Anyway I hears keys turning into the locks so yay! My boyfriend home. Catch you guys later….

Nov. 3rd, 2007

I'm going to post before livejournal go werid on me again and logged me out and refuse to let me back in.

I still really love livejournal. I'm applying for uni now - doing a fashion pr course! :) Yay! at london college of fashion.
Hate my job still. I love children and Richard....

That just a general quick update....till nxt time.


livejournal is going werid on meeeee.... Anyone else having login problem?

OK 2 post in one

Already posted on misscutie.com


Ok after a nasty sprout of kidney infection and being hospital for too long i’m finallly BACK!!

Just in case you missed me.

Gotta think positive

Ok i need to quit feeling blue. Quit feeling sorry for myself and do something positive. I been cooped up to long inside. Damn that horriable kidney infection making me all bad.

Positive side is i’m still off work. Getting paid for it.

Positive side is i got paid and i can spend! Woo hoo.

Positive side is my health is getting better - i’m sleeping better at night.

Power to positive thinking.

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